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The Pirate's Cove

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A big, f*ck-off, Skull Base.

***Important set-up info!!!***

This build will require significant terrain modifications. I have done what I can to help with that, but I admit, I'm not great with PlanBuild so far...

It is imperative that this build be placed far enough inland that it is not subject to 'storm surge'. The stormy seas should have little or no effect on the water level at the ship's berth.

The bottom of the teeth must be at least 12m from sea level for the tip of the mast to clear smoothly.

The base of the spiral stairs in the smelting area needs to be +/- 1m from the water level, but, the higher you can get it, the better.

You will need a chunk of beach that is placed E-W or N-S, for best results.

The raised earth pillars (6 in total) are CRITICAL to the structural stability of this build. If you can't raise them high enough (12m from sea level), you will need to find a new location.

This build utilizes vanilla physics and block placement, with about 99% of materials gathered in-game (honestly, who has 2478 f*cking hrs to spend hunting stone golems?!).

An early tour of the base can be seen here:
My esteemed gratitude to Waffles, for all of his help and support.

I will update this description as much as I can. More info to come. Right now, I just wanna get this out there.

I would love to see other peoples' incarnation of this base!!! Please, make it your own! That's what this version is for. Shoot me some links in the comments, or youtube, or in discord.
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