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Wizard Tower

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Kumura's Avatar Kumura
Level 6 : Apprentice Builder
Built in survival mode on the server Eldrirheim RP during Season 1

Mods were only used for decoration:

Dvergr_Pieces by Tequila
VALKEA_Decor by The-Bee-Decree


One day Fjölnir prepared a ship, loaded it with metals, food and other supplies and headed out to the sea. After traveling for many days East and seeing nothing but water, he finally saw land. Fjölnir jumped out from his ship and headed deep into the forest. Mist surrounded him and it became thicker and thicker the more deep he ventured in the woods. After climbing the rocks for a few hours the stone beneath his feet started to turn white. "Snow" he muttered. As he looked towards the sky he saw a tall mountain covered entirely in snow and engulfed by the mist. A mountain that is not visible unless you know it's there. That was the place he was looking for.

As he climbed higher, a tall tower appeared before his eyes. It was the Wizard Tower of the "White Order" and was primarily constructed of marble, a substance having anti-magical powers. A hidden tower that housed the last of the wise men and most accomplished magicians of the realms. It was the home to the Gods of our people and it was the place he needed to go and hope for answers. After all no one else could help him at this point.

Magic is not an uncommon thing for the people who live near the mist. It is found in large quantities where the fog is thickest. Many people aspire to master it and learn its secrets. And those who managed to control this strange power, they were called wizards. These wizards formed a group they called "The White Order" in order to further study magic. The order's name was derived from the fact that it did not take part in politics or other affairs of the realm. The wizards never attempt to influence events outside the mist or bring any of their affairs there.

The walls enclosing the tower could be seen as Fjölnir made his way towards it, and he didn't take too long to get at the gates. The people standing guard were instantly shocked and startled. "Welcome home Elder" they greeted Fjölnir with a trembling yet courteous tone. It was unusual for simple apprentices to encounter a man like him. And that man was not only a renowned wizard but in addition the master of the tower! After passing the gate, Fjölnir turned toward the tower.

Around him he saw a lot of people in a lot of different attires. Some wearing robes, some wearing armor and some even wearing skins. Each one of them being different in clans or origin. A few of them were mumbling and murmuring words nobody could hear while they were in deep concentration. It was a place of peace and magic just the way one would have imagined it to be.
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ULRICH GamingAndMusic
12/11/2023 8:42 am
Level 35 : Artisan Viking Builder
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Awesome build. Good luck.


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