Build Contest in the Meadows of Valheim : Now Complete!

Congratulations to the winners and participants of the Build Contest in the Meadows of Valheim!
We received 28 entries!
Each and every one of you will find a custom contest token on your member profiles.

Stay tuned for the next contest!

Welcome to the first Valheimians Build contest where creative vikings build in the meadows of Valheim to compete for honor, Steam prizes and digital trophies!

Why the meadows?
This is our first contest and we wanted an open theme allowing creative freedom while still having some common ground between the entries. We think the biomes of Valheim have a natural influence on the builds and hope it will help focus your creative energy by limiting the choices of where you and your competition can build. It feels right for our first contest to see what happens. We hope the idea and contest is well received and to host future build contests in other biomes.

Please read the full contest details. If you have any questions or comments, post to our contest thread.

Contest Rules

  1. Build in the Meadows.
  2. Devcommands & debugmode are allowed.
  3. Enter your own work created for this contest. Teamwork is allowed but only the account that submits will receive the prizes.
  4. No third-party content added with mods that is unavailable in vanilla Valheim. No mods that alter existing building materials or their positioning. This would give an unfair advantage.
  5. Downloadable build is not required.
  6. One entry.

How to Enter

  1. Create your build in the meadows within the one month entry period.
  2. When posting your build to Valheimains, check the contest box to enter it.
  3. Take screenshots and/or YouTube video of your build. Consider using the description to help the overall presentation.
Note: You are free to update your submission on the website up until the entry period ends. During phase 2 & 3, your submission is locked from editing until after the contest is completed.

Contest Process

Phase 1: Entry Period.
One month period to submit entries. The community views, gives rubies, comments, etc and Judges review entries meet requirements.

Phase 2: Review Period.
5 day period in which Judges review last minute entries along with the community.

Phase 3: Finalists announced & Judging begins.
The site calculates the finalists based on entry statistics. Judges will rate each finalist entry on three criteria. See Judging Critera below. There will be 25 finalists if there are less than 150 entries. If the contest receives 150 entries or more, there will be 50 finalists.

Phase 4: Final Leader board calculated & Winners Announced!
Once the last judge rates the last finalist, the site will automatically average all judges scores and publish the leader board with the winners. Cyprezz will contact winners via private message on this platform with details on how to claim your Steam credit.

Judging Criteria

All finalists will be rated with following criteria on a 1-10 scale. All judges ratings will be averaged to generate the final leader board.
  1. Concept & Originality
    Rating of your overall build concept, idea and originality. The thought & intention behind your work.
  2. Technique & Execution
    Rating of technique used to accomplish your build. It does not have to be complex to have a well executed build. It does not have to be a massive build to rate well. Details are important too!
  3. Presentation & Experience
    Rating of how well you presented your build and the overall experience to the viewer / player.
Overall, this contest is a friendly competition among Valheim builders. We hope that you'll enjoy seeing each others creativity without taking the contest too seriously. That said, we will try our best to have a smooth, fair and positive experience for everyone. Looking forward to seeing what the community builds!


1st Place!
  • $100 Steam credit gifted to your Steam account!
  • A contest themed, 1st place trophy for your member profile trophy case.
  • Profile featured on Valheimains
  • Interview by Valheimains. This is completely up to you whether you'd like to be interviewed. You would be sent questions and at your leisure, answer them. We would format and publish the interview to the Valheimians account.
2nd Place!
  • $50 Steam credit gifted to your Steam account!
  • A contest themed, 2nd place trophy for your member profile trophy case.
  • Profile featured on Valheimains
3rd Place!
  • $50 Steam credit gifted to your Steam account!
  • A contest themed, 3rd place trophy for your member profile trophy case.
  • Profile featured on Valheimains
  • A contest themed, finalist medal for your profile trophy case,
All Participants
  • A contest themed, collectible badge for your profile trophy case.


This is our first contest and we're just getting established as a community. The site owner and lead developer, Cyprezz along with his wife, Valheimians are the initial judges. However, if you're interested in becoming a judge, please send a PM to Cyprezz along with examples of your builds either on this platform or others. Judges are allowed to enter BUT are ineligible to make the finalists. The site knows you're a judge and will exclude you from the finalists calculations.

Legal Terms

By participating in the event, participant agrees to be bound by these Official Rules and regulations and the decisions of are final and binding on all matters pertaining to this event.



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