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How to Take Screenshots in Valheim

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Valheim Photo Mode | How to Take Screenshots in Valheim
Taking screenshots in Valheim is very easy! This simple tutorial will show you how to take in-game screenshots using Photo Mode. Whether you want to share your constructions or simply take a screenshot of the gorgeous landscape in Valheim, you've come to the right place.

Quick Guides

Quick guide, no dev commands:
  • Press Ctrl+F3 - To Remove in-game hud
  • Press X - To Make your character sit
  • Mouse Wheel up - Zoom to max
  • Zooming while sitting - Makes your character model go transparent
  • Post your shot!

Quick guide, with dev commands:
  • Enable ingame console display through Steam Library>Valheim>Settings>Properties. Type -console in Launch Options. Close
  • Launch Valheim
  • F5 - To open console
  • Type: devcommands
To enable console commands
  • Type: freefly
To enter a "Free-cam mode"
  • Optional - type: ffsmooth 1
  which will make your camera much more smooth, great for videos.
  • Ctrl + f3 - To hide hud.

Comprehensive Guide

Enable Ingame Console Display

Navigate to your steam library and click on Valheim. Click your settings (gear icon) then properties. Type -console in the Launch Options field.

How to Take Screenshots in Valheim

Activate Photo Mode

To activate Photo Mode, press Ctrl + F3. This will disable the HUD (heads-up display / status bars) .

How to Take Screenshots in Valheim
hud removed

Note: Removing the HUD doesn't change the game mode. Enemies can still attack you!

Enable Free Fly Mode

You can skip this part and scroll down to "Take a Screen Shot" if the character camera angle is good enough. However, if you want different angles, follow these steps:
  • Press F5
  • Type devcommands
   After this command, the console will print out: “Dev commands: TRUE” and give you a Warning message.
   To deactivate, type the same command again.
  • Type freefly
   After this command, the console will print out: Toggling freefly camera
  • Type ffsmooth (optional)
  • Exit out of the console by pressing esc.

How to Take Screenshots in Valheim

Freefly will detach the camera from your character so you can move it around wherever you want. Ffsmooth adjusts the camera's movement, allowing it to move a little cleaner.

Take Your Screen Shot!

Work the camera to adjust your desired angle. Press F12!

Space bar = up
Ctrl = down
"A" = Left
"D" = Right

Screenshot looking up

Once you're done, you can hit "ESC" and exit out of the game. When you go back into Valheim, cheats will automatically be disabled and your HUD will be visible.

Alternatively, you can access the console by pressing F5, and type "imacheater". This will deactivate cheats.

Where's My Screenshot?

Go to your Steam Library and click Valheim. You will find your screenshots to the right.

  • Click on one of your screenshots
  • Right-click and select "browse screenshot".
    A window will pop up. This is the directory/folder in which your screenshots are saved in. From here, you
    can choose to save your screenshots in another folder.

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1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Valheimians 03/23/2021 2:09:18 pmMar 23rd, 2021

Updated to reflect 0.148.6 Changes including:
  • how to enable ingame console display
  • changed "imacheater" command to "devcommands"
  • updated images to reflect these changes

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03/11/2021 5:04 pm
Level 1 : New Viking
BlackKnight's Avatar
Quick question. Is this like other games, that once "cheats" are enabled your marked as Cheats enabled and no longer get achievements on things like steam? or can you enable and disable with out effect?
03/11/2021 7:34 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Viking Beast
Cyprezz's Avatar
I wish I could say for sure but I can't find an answer or even the question online. At this time there are no Steam achievements for Valheim. So, I don't think enabling and disabling will have any effect.