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The Karve Bar and Grill. (contest entry)

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Short Rib's Avatar Short Rib
Level 12 : Journeyman Builder
Hello and thank you for this opportunity to showcase The Karve Bar and Grill. Sense I have started building on Valheim I've always wanted to make something of the food service area. The combination of foods, fires, and building intrigued me to create something I have always been familiar with, the restaurant industry. Roughly 12 or 13 years I have made meals and enjoyed most of it. From the garbage odors at the back entrance through the prep area loud with music, and finally to the change room where its time to prepare for a hot, fast, and busy day.

From creating meals I then went into construction for 2 years. applications and a keen eye for finishing work is what help in this project. Making a side by side booth with tricks like measuring using any material i can, and snugging in a stool in a stone to make patio furniture has helped me keep my mind busy, and spark new creative ideas in the digital world. This is my first video edit, and i hope to make more in the future.

My objective was to make a restaurant that can handle a busy flow of a real working business. Each cooks, bartenders, dish employees and server all have everything they need to manage a busy day. The build is also constructed with lighting in mind to fit all open hours.Roof protects all areas but a few discrete spots on the deck. Absolutely no mods have been used on this build, including any quality of life tools. I would like to point out a trick i found at 10:45, where i made a window that can only be viewed at a certain angle.

From front to end this month long project has kept me busy and I'm glad to say its finished. Thank you so much for this platform and i wish all other builders good luck.

credit to -u/Unknown_Factions for the BBQ tip on a reddit post.
-u/ReLLiK5891 for helping with the bar taps.
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06/27/2021 2:32 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Builder
MissYee's Avatar
I must say, the bar interior and patio were executed well. Well done.
06/26/2021 8:34 am
Level 49 : Master Troll
Artyfacts's Avatar
Great work on the inside decorations and layout!
Short Rib
06/26/2021 11:23 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Builder
Short Rib's Avatar
Thank you so much! Sorry the video is long and isn't edited but I think I was able to showcase everything.


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