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Ancient Seeds - The Uranium of Wood Farming in Valheim

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Welcome to the Valheim tutorial for players who want to level up their wood farming! Are you tired of spending hours chopping down trees for that precious wood? Look no further, because in this tutorial, we will show you a fun method for farming wood quickly. This method is basically the "uranium atomic energy" of Valheim wood farming. It allows you to get thousands of wood in as little as thirty minutes.

Let's get started!

To begin you will need at least 3 ancient seeds and know the location of the elder spawn. However, the method will work much better if you use 9 ancient seeds, and you plant all your extra trees next to the elder spawn spot and let them grow.

The elder has a ranged attack which absolutely destroys trees. So, you can summon multiple elders, and just watch as they level the entire forest trying to destroy you. All you need to stay alive is some good food and a shield, it doesn't even need to be great gear. This is all doable in troll leather but you'll have an easier time if you use iron armor.

All you do is plant the trees, wait for them to grow, spawn 3 elders, then hang out nearby the trees with your shield up. The elders will clear the forest. After enough trees have fallen, kill the elders.

Then all you need to do is run around and collect the wood! Its helpful to bring an axe to finish off the logs. You'll probably find that the logs only need one or two hits to break, and many will be broken entirely by the elders, meaning you don't even have to use an axe if you prefer that.

The first time you do this, you'll also get stone, tin, copper, and core wood. After the first time you'll only get the materials from trees you planted. One note, fine wood trees only get damaged from other trees falling on them... so you cannot use this method to easily farm a lot of fine wood.

However, if you spread fine wood trees among the other trees, it is actually possible to farm fine wood this way, but never in as much quantity as regular wood or core wood.


This method is thrilling and works very quickly. With some optimization, you can get over 2000 wood in as little as 30 minutes.

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