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Automate Server Selection and Character Login with a Hotkey

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Follow this article and you'll be able to click one button to log in. Go grab some tea or water, and your character will be ready and waiting when you get back!

If you haven't put hundreds of hours in Valheim yet... well, its probably only a matter of time. Thats allot of logging into the same server and the same character. You don't need to be doing that.


1) To do this you'll need to download the freeware version of Macro Recorder. Check the bottom of the article for download links.

2) You'll need to add your server to Steam. This allows you to launch Valheim with your server already selected so Valheim loads at the character creation screen.

To do this open steam. In the top left click on


Paste your server's IP address. Change the last digit of the port to a 1 if necessary.

3) Verify Steam is running in fullscreen and start recording a new macro in macro recorder. Perform the following actions in your Macro:

Start by Alt Tabbing to Steam.

Click VIEW> click SERVER > doubleclick SERVER > enter password > enter

Alt Tab to Valheim once it launches

Wait a few seconds after the character login screen has loaded and click start

wait for password promt and enter password. Click escape to end the recording

4) Edit your macro and remove the following:

All alt tab keystrokes

All window changes except the final Valheim.exe change

Reduce all wait times except the ones before password promt to 500ms.

5) Run your macro to test it

Verify that your macro works as expected after removing the waits and keystrokes.

If your macro does not work it is usually easier to just record a new one and try again. Don't try to salvage a broken macro if you can make a brand new one that is better in 2-5 minutes.

6) Add a hotkey to Macro Recorder

Open Macro Recorder.

In the top left, click FILE > click SETTINGS > click HOTKEYS > set PLAYBACK to your hotkey of choice.

I use page down personally.

7) You are done!

Every time you press your playback hotkey with steam fullscreen your computer will login to your default character and server.

Make sure that Macro Recorder and Steam are running otherwise your macro will not operate.

Download macro recorder and check out the video guide here:

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