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How Did Land Generation Change in Valheim Mistlands?

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Hello everybody! This article/video will show you exactly how land generation changed in the valheim mistlands patch. Many of us have grown attached to our server. Yet, we are also excited to try mistlands!

But is it really worth restarting a fresh world?

That is what this content aims to answer. Here are two examples of mistlands land generation shown using the map tool by wd40bomber7

worldgenThe image above shows the old-world generation. Look at the coastlines. Notice how the coastlines are smooth with few islands.

How Did Land Generation Change in Valheim Mistlands?
This map shows new world generation. Look at the coastlines of the mistlands.

The coasts are covered in islands now! This shows the main difference between new and old world generation. Why do the little islands matter? Well, they make your mistlands experience more immersive. The islands make the mistlands much bigger, and about half of explorable mistlands on the map become navigatable by boat. Without the islands, boat exploration is limited to the coasts of the mistlands. In addition to the islands, you will also notice there is just more mistlands on the map. In the mistlands patch, land generation was changed to generate more mistlands and less black forest.

Check out the youtube video for a clearer description. I hope that you can decide if it is worth starting a new server or not.

(It definitely worth starting a new server)


- Jack Pitman

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