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How to Access The Builder's Beach in Valheim

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
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What if I told you there was a secret biome in valheim where you can easily build without having to clear rocks, trees, or worry about monsters? Its called... "The Builder's Beach"

How to Access The Builder's Beach in Valheim

This biome can be accessed without mods. All you need is the fly devcommand. After you setup a portal to the Builder's Beach, anybody can access it without any devcommands. This means the devcommands are only needed the first time you access the Builder's Beach.

Let's clarify where Builder's Beaches can be located. They can be found on the edge of the world, underneath the ocean. However, not just any edge will do. You must find an edge with very low land. If the land is too high, it will not work because your camera will clip above the water. Usually, the best spots occur on the western and eastern edges of the map. Remember, you are looking for an edge with the lowest possible terrain. This creates the perfect sweetspot.

How to Access The Builder's Beach in Valheim

This image shows where you can find builder's beaches.

The Builder's Beach has a few interesting qualities, which I will list here.

1) There is no smoke, all fire burns clean

2) Fish and serpents spawn beached and pickable

3) There is a line of death that will kill you if you cross it

4) Total immunity from all raid events

5) Accessable without mods or devcommands after a portal is made

I bet you could do some awesome stuff in this place. Check out the video if you want to see it in action.

Best, - Jack

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