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How to Customize your Valheimian Profile Page

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Valheimian Profile Pages

Our profile pages can be customized to present who we are, share our Valheim creations and community activity. There are several ways to customize your profile and this article will help you get started.

Your avatar is an image that appears with your username when you do things on the site.
Change Avatar: Hover over the existing avatar in your profile header and click the "edit" icon. Alternatively, you can select the Profile button.

How to Customize your Valheimian Profile Page

Now, click Edit. Browse your computer and select the photo you want as your avatar and click save.
Note that you can also edit your class here as well as enter your Valheim username, which will be displayed under your profile stats.

How to Customize your Valheimian Profile Page

Profile Banner Art + How to adjust vertical position & view port size
Profile banners appear at the top of your profile page. They are large and can easily set the tone for your entire page.

Changing Banner Art: hover over the banner and click the "edit" icon in the upper right.

You can upload static images or animated gifs as long as they are 2MB or less.

How to Customize your Valheimian Profile Page

Click Edit. You can choose from a selection of our pre-made Valheim banners or you can upload your own.

To choose your own, click Browse and select the photo you want as your avatar. Save.

TIP: You can vertically adjust your profile banner!
Click and drag your profile banner up or down to adjust its vertical position in the profile header view port.

TIP: You can adjust the size of your profile banner view port!
Click and drag the profile bar up or down to adjust the size of your profile header view port from 150 to 250 pixels in height.

Social Media Links : Adding & Removing

If you have other profiles on popular social media sites or your own personal website, you can add badges to your profile header.

Adding Social Media Links : Hover over your profile header and click the "edit" icon on the bottom right. Paste your profile links in the corresponding fields.

To remove existing social links: clear the social media input field and save.

Customizing Your Profile Page Widgets

Our profile pages are an arrangement of widgets in a 4 column layout. Widgets are panels with different purposes and you are able to add, remove, resize and order. The site automatically adds certain widgets depending on your site activity until you modify your profile page. After that, you are in control.
Adding Widgets
Click the "Add Widget" button to view a side down management panel of the available widgets.

Some widget types allow more than one to exist on your page. You can tell how many you have and how many are available in the widget management panel.

Click the widget in the manager to add it to your profile page.
Removing Widgets
To remove a widget, click the arrow icon in the upper right of the widget you want to remove and select "Remove Widget".

Resizing Widgets
You can resize a widgets height by dragging the very bottom of the widget up or down. You will see "resize" arrows when your mouse is over the resize grab point.

You can resize widgets to be one to four columns wide by dragging the right side of the widget and dragging. Some widgets have size restrictions depending on the content it displays but for the most part, it's up to you. You will see "resize" arrows when your mouse is over the resize grab point.

Ordering / Moving Widgets : 3 Methods
There are 3 methods to change the order of widgets. I recommend using method #1.

Method #1 : Arrow keys ( Recommended Method )
Click the title bar of the widget you want to move to select it. You will see a icon with 4 arrows appear when it is selected. Then use your arrow keys to change its order.

Method #2: Use Widget menu
Hover over the widget you intend to move. Click the arrow in the upper right of the widget. Use the "Move" menu options to position it where you want.

Method #3: Click and drag
Click and drag a widget by its title bar and drop it where you want it. A solid colored box will appear as you drag the widget around the page, drop it on the solid colored box.

Questions & Suggestions?

I hope these tips help you customize your own profile. Post any questions or suggestions to improve the profile page in the comments below.

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05/22/2021 10:11 am
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Ahh this is useful. Think I need to log on via my pc so can do some profile updating and add some pics. Feels like a nice safe space for sharing 😊❤️
03/28/2021 2:06 am
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Nolian Milovnik
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Oh how divine, hopefully for any newcomers, they'll notice this as soon as possible :3 otherwise, they'll have some fun finding it ;3
04/04/2021 10:14 am
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I just found it! I started using this site on my phone last night, but now it’s time to hop on my computer!
04/27/2021 9:56 am
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Glad you found this! If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know!


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