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The Benefits of Hosting your Own Dedicated Valheim Server

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Greetings, fellow Valheimians! As we continue our adventures in the world of Valheim, one question often arises: should we host our game on an individual's computer or invest in a dedicated server? Today, we're diving into the benefits of opting for a dedicated Valheim server for you and your friends. Spoiler alert: it's worth it!

1. 24/7 Accessibility

One of the biggest advantages of a dedicated server is that it's always online. This means you and your friends can log in and play anytime without needing the host to be online. No more coordinating playtimes or dealing with the inconvenience of the host's computer needing to be on and running the game. Your server is ready when you are.

For our group of friends, we usually come together on specific nights of the week. Mid-week, our schedules are busier and more unpredictable. Having the freedom to jump on and off for short sessions in preparation for group nights is a game changer. You can log in for a few minutes to replenish your wood supplies, and your builder friend can jump on when they have time to use them. This way, you can coordinate playtimes when progressing through the game!

2. Improved Performance and Stability

Hosting Valheim on a dedicated server means better performance. Dedicated servers are designed to handle multiple players and intensive game processes more efficiently than a standard PC. You'll experience less lag, fewer crashes, and a smoother gameplay experience overall. This is especially beneficial as your world grows larger and more complex.

3. Greater Control and Customization

With a dedicated server, you have more control over your game environment. You can manage server settings, apply mods, and even automate backups to protect your progress. Whether you want to tweak difficulty settings, install custom content, or ensure your world is regularly saved, a dedicated server offers flexibility that personal hosting cannot match.

4. Scalability

As your group of friends grows, a dedicated server can easily handle the increase in player numbers. Most hosting providers offer scalable options, allowing you to upgrade your server's resources to accommodate more players and larger worlds. This ensures everyone can join in the fun without compromising performance.

5. Convenient Management Tools

Most dedicated server providers offer user-friendly management tools and dashboards. These tools make it easy to configure your server, manage players, and monitor performance without needing extensive technical knowledge. Spend less time managing the server and more time exploring Valheim's vast landscapes.

6. Community & Friendship Building

A dedicated server fosters a sense of community. Knowing that there's a persistent world you can always return to encourages regular play and collaboration among friends. It's a great way to build lasting memories and strengthen friendships as you conquer bosses, build settlements, and explore new biomes together.


While hosting Valheim on your personal computer might be convenient for solo play or short lived multiplayer sessions, a dedicated server offers significant advantages for a better multiplayer experience. From improved performance and 24/7 availability to enhanced security and customization, investing in a dedicated server can transform your Valheim adventures. So gather your fellow Vikings, set sail for a dedicated server, and let the saga continue!

Happy adventuring, Valheimians!

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