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How to Download and Save Buildings Using PlanBuild

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Hello everybody!

This tutorial is an introduction to using the mod PlanBuild. PlanBuild allows you to build things in Valheim more easily, even including automatic building features where you just bring the material to a chest. If you have ever played the game Dragon Quest Builders, then PlanBuild gives valheim similar functionality. Its confusing at first and I would like to shed some light on this beautiful tool.

The mod adds 3 new tools to the game.

1) Plan Build Hammer - used to create "Ghost" items that do not cost any material, which allow you to plan your builds without needing all the material first

2) Blueprint Rune - used to download and save designs, also includes terrain editing tools and deleting tools to make preparing terrain exponentially faster

3) Skuld Crystal - Sort of like "goggles" you wear which makes you see planned pieces in their full color form. This item is used to see your planned pieces as if they were real pieces.

These tools allow you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, including...

- Saving and Downloading entire buildings
- Creating ghost structures that require no resources to plan your builds
- Building large structures quickly by copy pasting modular buildings
- many many more

To use the mod, you'll need to download and install 4 things.

1) BepInEx
2) PlanBuild
3) Jotunn
4) HookGen Patcher

I hope you enjoy the video!

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