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How to Fight Goblins in Valheim - A Guide For Beginners

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Are you tired of dying when you hang out with goblins? Fear not, for here are some tips and tricks that will help you stay alive while fighting these mischievous little creatures.

First and foremost, always be on the lookout for starred goblins. Goblins with stars are tough and can take you down in a couple of hits, even if you're wearing the best armor in the game. Regular goblins aren't too bad on their own, but they always come in packs. So, be prepared to take on a group of them at any given moment.

Second, fight in open spaces. Goblins love nothing more than surrounding their prey and beating them to a pulp. Don't give them the satisfaction! Keep your distance and fight in open areas where you have plenty of room to move around.

Third, take out the ranged goblins first. These guys are sneaky and can catch you off guard, leaving you stunned while their buddies finish you off. Don't let that happen! Prioritize the ranged goblins and take them out before they have a chance to shoot you.

Fourth, when things get really hairy and there are just too many goblins to handle, consider using ooze bombs. Four or five of these powerful area-of-effect poison bombs can take out entire groups of goblins. This gives you a chance to catch your breath and take on the survivors. Just be sure to watch out for those pesky ranged goblins while you're bombing away.

Fifth, focus on taking out the goblins with low health as well. Instead of attacking a new goblin, go after the ones that you've already damaged. This will help reduce the number of creatures attacking you at any given moment.

Finally, consider using a knife to fight goblins. These little guys are surprisingly vulnerable to pierce damage, and the fast attack speed of the knife means you'll be able to get in a lot of hits while dodging and weaving around the goblins. Plus, it's always satisfying to take down a goblin with a well-placed knife thrust.

Have fun and enjoy the video!

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