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How to Gain Access to An Infested Mine in Bronze Age Gear

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
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Hello everybody!

Today we are going to create a safe access portal to a mistlands Infested Mine with bronze-age gear. Why? Because it is a blast!

To get started, you'll need a karve and some patience. Before you can gain entry to the infested mine you must find the right infested mine. We aren't talking about just any old infested mine here - we're looking for one in the right circumstance so we can easily access it without fighting multiple creatures.

There are two kinds of infested mines. One kind is a long staircase that leads directly into the mine entrance. You don't want to use that one. The second kind of infested mine is actually in the basement of an abandoned dvergr building. You know the building is abandoned because it is full of seekers!
How to Gain Access to An Infested Mine in Bronze Age GearThese buildings are what you are looking for. Ideally, one close to the coast works best.

But how do we find one of these buildings with all that mist? Well, the mistlands isn't entirely covered in mist. There are actually many clear spots that you can browse. It is these clear areas along the coastline that we will focus on. This way, we can sail around in the karve with the wind on our backs without fear of dying to mistlands mobs. Just don't get too close to the land....

Once you've done your scouting and located the proper island it is time to setup a forward base. Your forward base needs to be located in a nearby biome such as a black forest. This forward base needs nothing more than a portal and a little dock for a karve.

After building your forward base its a great time to gather the materials you'll need. Bring the material to craft a workbench, a stonecutter, campfire mats, and two portals. Place the first portal down somewhere safe and name it "DeathMine".

Now, get ready to go on the thrilling part of the adventure. Bring the crafting materials for the workbench, the stonecutter, the campfire mats, and one portal. Also, bring as much extra stone as you can carry because you'll need to build a few pieces of wall to seal the monsters out.

Rest up and wait for the wind to be at your back. Proceed to the spot that you found earlier. As soon as you get close enough, abandon your boat and run to the door of the building. You'll have a few seconds of time before the seekers realize you are there. Don't worry if they see you. Avoid their attacks and get to the basement of the building as fast as possible. Zone in once you see the infested mine entrance.

At this point, it is necessary to stay still. Consider making a campfire for the rested bonus. The rested bonus takes 20 seconds to kick in. This 20 seconds is enough for the monsters outside the dungeon to forget about you.

After waiting 20 seconds, zone out and get ready for the moment of glory. First, construct a workbench and a stonecutter and immediately zone back into the mine. Wait 20 seconds and come back outside. The monsters should be upstairs, not attacking your stonecutter.

Next, go upstairs and place some stone walls in the entrance to the basement. This will effectively seal you in the basement, keeping you safe from the monsters. Make your portal in the new safe space and zone into the mine one more time if the monsters attack your seal.
How to Gain Access to An Infested Mine in Bronze Age Gear

Congratulations - you've now gained a safe practice portal to an Infested Mine! Die in it without fear of corpse-running in the mistlands.

Good luck!

-Jack Pitman

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