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How to Make a Base in Valheim With Different Background Music

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
Level 55 : Grandmaster Lox
Today, we're diving into the realm of base building, but with a twist that'll make you groove ... music-infused bases. Valheim offers us three options for permanent background music. All you have to do is find the right spot and then build there.

Our first musical hotspot is nestled in the black forest. Look near runestones and greydwarf spawners. Clear out any unwanted guests (and their questionable taste in music), and prepare to create a base where the beats of the forest shall be your background music.

Next up, we have the plains. Locate a goblin camp; or have them locate you. You'll notice while inside the goblin camp; the heart-pounding tunes continue even after you vanquish the goblins. Who said building couldn't be a headbanging affair?

And finally, one of the coolest tunes is available nearby dvergr in the mistlands. You can clear out the dvergr, then claim their music as your own. Their blue skin may be gone; but their quirky music continues in our hearts forever.

Have fun and enjoy the video!

But what if you already made your base? Well, the good news is you can easily spawn the goblincamp music or the greydwarfcamp music... and with some effort you can also spawn the dvergr music using devcommands.

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01/10/2024 8:46 am
Level 20 : Expert Viking
AloofGoof's Avatar
"monsters" right. Like my "abandoned" dvergr base. lol


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