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How to Make a Portal to the Mistlands During the Bronze Age

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
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There is nothing like the thrill of mistlands in troll leather. You think you need padded armor? PSH! All you need is a karve and some guts! In this article / video we will learn how to create an access portal to the mistlands during the bronze age. You'll feel like a badass viking-secret-agent.

Before you create your access portal it is necessary to explore the coasts of the mistlands. But, exploring the mistlands even on boat can be rather daunting. So, here are some basic tips to keep you alive during the bronze age.

1) Only get close to the mistlands with the wind at your back. Do not attempt to explore the mistlands without the wind behind you.

2) Do not get out of the boat unless you are expecting to die

3) If you see a Gjall flying in the sky, sail away from it immediately. You will not be able to outrun it unless the wind is being helpful.

With these simple rules, you are ready to explore the mistlands coastlines on your karve. That turning radius has never been more helpful. Now that you understand the basics of mistlands coast exploration, it is time to create your access portal.

First, what is a good location for an access portal to the mistlands? The main thing to keep in mind is the size of the landmass. If you create your entry point on an island, the swimming back and forth is a pain in the butt! So, look for a good spot on the coastline of a big land mass.

But what is a good spot? Ideally an area of regular mistlands land, high above water level, with some kind of rock on the top. Basically, you dig a tunnel into the land with the rock above acting like a roof. This protects your portal area from the gjall. Do not try to start digging directly into the rock - it takes too long and you'll attract attention. Start by digging into the land, under the rock. This way you can quickly make a tunnel before the enemies catch you. This is much easier to see in the video, so make sure to check it out!

The most dangerous part is starting to dig the tunnel. Once you get deep, you are basically safe. For good measure, do a turn in your tunnel so that the portal spot itself is not visible from outside or from the sky. Try to squish the portal into the rock because this will make it impossible for monsters to destroy it (if you do everything properly).

And there you have it - you've created a good entry point into the mistlands! The mistlands is really fun to explore, even if you just run away from everything.

Stay safe! (But not too safe, that's boring)

- Jack Pitman

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