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How to Make an End-Game Plains Farm in Valheim Mistlands

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Greetings! Do you dream of fields of golden crops swaying in the gentle breeze, and a bountiful harvest to share with your good-for-nothing-always-eating-never-cooking-never-farming friends? Well, you've come to the right place! In this tutorial, we'll be creating an end-game farm in the plains biome.

But why? Making a farm in the middle of the plains might sound like a horrible idea. But don't fret! After all, the plains is the only place that can grow all of the 5 non-mistlands crops. Carrots, turnips, onions, barley, and flax can all grow in the plains biome.

As you progress through Valheim, you'll end up leaving a trail of destroyed goblin villages, Anakin-Skywalker style. Fret not, you can repent for your sins by converting your destruction into a thriving farm!

We're going to focus on creating small circular patches. This way, you can create them quickly when you need them. I'll share a ratio here for how much you need of each crop, but don't take it too seriously. As for the Mistlands mushrooms, you can just setup a portal to the mistlands and use the same strategy there. Circular farming works great!

You'll probably be good with this ratio. The most needed farmable item aside from mistlands mushrooms is barley, followed by onions. Everything else is used in smaller quantities so one field should be enough to keep you supplied!

8 Farm Patches
  3 Barley Patches
  2 Onion Patches

  1 Carrot Patch
  1 Turnip Patch

  1 Flax Patch

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