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Make Buildings Invincible & Make Buildings Float on Your Valheim Server

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
Level 54 : Grandmaster Lox
You've spent hours constructing the grandest of halls, the mightiest of fortresses, and the coziest of mead halls. But alone... it felt empty. So you opened up. But maybe you overdid it. Perhaps for some reason; you've opened your world up a bit too much. Maybe you've shared the password once or twice too many times. Eventually, like a bad omen, griefers swoop in, eager to wreak havoc and dismantle your hard work.

They leave random useless trash in all of your neatly organized chests.

They rob you of your gold and throw it in the obliterator.
They kill the chickens and remove every single egg.
They open the doors to your boar pen and let all the bats in.
They spawn an invincible troll in your house to greet you when you come back
They find your fields and they leave everything on the ground until it despawns
They use names like <COLOR< THOR</COLOR etc
They love to destroy whatever they can find; maybe they've got something else on their mind...

So, lets learn some basic tricks to keep your server functioning smoothly. You can actually make items invincible to other players; even if the other player is just using vanilla Valheim from an xbox. You can also make buildings float in the sky this way.

To do so, all you need to use is the infinity hammer mod. There are some great features in infinity hammer; it deserves its own video. This is only one of them!

Have fun and enjoy the video!

- Jack Pitman

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09/14/2023 11:38 pm
Level 1 : New Viking
KnightWrath's Avatar
the get off my lawn mod works also!


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