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How To Respawn Dungeons and Camps in Valheim using Upgrade World Mod

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Welcome, fellow Valheimians. You're a brave warrior, wielding your mighty sword, ready to conquer another treacherous dungeon. But what's this? The dungeon has been cleared, and you're left with nothing but empty hallways and a ghostly silence. It's as if somebody has been here before! Well, fear not, my valiant comrades, for we hold the key to resurrecting those dungeons and filling them with more monsters than a Midsummer's nightmare!

There is a mod you can use which makes this possible. If you just play valheim solo; then you can use the mod with no issues. If you play on a server; then only the admins of the server can use the mod on the server. The mod is called "Upgrade World" and it has many more features in addition to this. However for now we will just focus on respawning dungeons.

1) To get started; install BepinEx and then install the Upgrade World mod into the plugins folder in BepInEx.

2) Make a copy of your valheim world file in case something goes wrong
3) Launch Valheim and join the world you want to respawn the dungeons on
4) Open the console and type "locations_reset" and press enter
5) Type "start" to reset the locations
6) Wait for the game to respawn all the locations; this will take 3-10 minutes

Congratulations! The simple method shown here will respawn all of the dungeons on the server. Every location will be reset. It will stay in the same area, but the layout of the dungeon will be different. Sometimes the dungeon entrances rotate by 90* or so. They will all be in the same location; but they will look different, and the monsters will all be alive again; and all the chests.

Have fun and enjoy the video

- Jack Pitman

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