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How to Save Your Building and Share it on Valheimians using PlanBuild Mod

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Do you ever feel sad that nobody can use the buildings you've created in Valheim? Well, not to worry; because there are ways to immortalize your favorite buildings! This tutorial will show you how to save individual buildings on Valheim PC and share them on Valheimians so that other people can download them and use them.

Note that mods are only necessary to download and upload the buildings. Once the building is placed, it is as if you had built it entirely by yourself. From that point on you can delete the mods entirely, and the buildings will still work for any Valheim player, on Xbox or PC.

Download and install BepInEx, Planbuild, Jotunn, and HookGen Patcher. BepInEx goes into the Valheim directory. Planbuild and Jotunn go into the Plugins folder in BepInEx. HookGen Patcher goes in the Patchers folder in BepInEx. Make sure to use the most recent version of each mod. You must update each mod every time Valheim updates; so make sure that you are using the latest versions when you install.

Launch Valheim and create a Blueprint Rune using 1 stone in your crafting menu. This Blueprint Rune allows you to save a copy of any building in Valheim. Select "Create a New Blueprint" and expand the circle so that it fits your building. Click to save the blueprint and name it.

Exit Valheim and locate the .blueprint file that you just created. It can be found inside BepInEx>Config>PlanBuild>Blueprints

Visit the Valheimians website and create an account if you have not done so already. Look in the top right for a green arrow next to the words "content". Click there to open the upload page. Look again in the top right for the "Create New" button. This button allows you to pick the kind of content. Pick build.

Now it is time to upload your files. First, make sure to take an in-game screenshot of your building. Make it bright! Upload the screenshot and also your .blueprint file. Write a brief description that explains the features and dimensions of your building. Click save.

Thats it! Now, you've saved and shared your Valheim building. It's time to see what other people have shared!

Have fun and enjoy the video;

- Jack Pitman

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