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How to Spawn Goblin Camps and Other Locations on PC Valheim (Infinity Hammer Mod)

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
Level 54 : Grandmaster Lox
With the Infinity Hammer mod, your trusty hammer becomes a magical tool capable of conjuring up dungeons, tombs, goblin camps, and more. Imagine your build menu; but if you could build any object in the game.

You can unleash your creativity and design servers that will challenge and amuse other players. Locations such as goblin camps are great fun to spawn. Put 3 or 4 Goblin Camps close together and enjoy the carnage of goblin combat that you'll face.

Something to note; there is a creature limit. Each zone can only have a certain amount of creatures. If this limit is reached; the goblins will not spawn in the locations you place. However, as you kill creatures in the zone; the queue will start to spawn the goblins that weren't triggered yet. This results in a long stream of goblins that seem to be respawning as the player leaves and comes back.

Infinity hammer is a BepInEx mod, so you'll need to install the latest version of both BepInEx and InfinityHammer. Make sure that the infinite hammerdll file is in the Plugins folder of BepInex.

Infinity hammer is a console mod for the most part. You use the in-game valheim console to set an object or location to your hammer. Everytime you click with your hammer, that item or location will spawn. You can tab through available locations by typing the following into the console, and then pressing tab to see for yourself "hammer_locations " (no quotation marks, don't forget the space after _locations ).

We can spawn a goblin camp as an example. Anytime we spawn a location; the game will generate a unique seed of that location. Sometimes the goblin camp is tiny. Othertimes the camp is enormous.

hammer_location goblincamp2

Have fun and enjoy the video :)
- Jack Pitman

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