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Cart Surfing - How to Transport Metal Across Water Without a Boat

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
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Welcome to the Valheim tutorial for players who want to take their metal transportation game to the next level! Are you tired of being limited by the need for a boat to get across water? Look no further because, in this tutorial, we will show you a revolutionary method for traveling across any body of water, no matter how big, without a boat. In fact, this method even works when you're totally naked with no food or gear.

However, be warned, this method does make you vulnerable to sea serpents, so caution is advised.

To begin, you'll need to be in the bronze age, with access to a cart. A cart? Yup, you guessed it... you can surf with a cart in Valheim! What is even crazier is that a cart can be used to cross water of any distance, even an entire ocean... provided you have some patience.

Normally you drown when you run out of stamina swimming. But, with a cart, there is a way to use the cart to restore your stamina, allowing you to swim forever. This method only works when there are 3 boxes in the cart. The 3 boxes change the cart hitbox, which allows a player to get onto the cart and restore their stamina. Not only that, but the swimming motion of the player actually pushes the cart through the water, which causes the player to move without losing any stamina.

I'm sure this will be patched eventually, because it is definitely not supposed to work this way. But for now, you can cross any body of water without a boat by cart surfing!

Have fun!

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