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How To Update Your Old Explored Biomes in Valheim using Upgrade World

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
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Have you ever found yourself in a peculiar predicament, where you've explored a biome in this Viking sandbox only to realize that your world is stuck in a bygone era? Well, fear not, for there is a solution.

With the Upgrade World mod, you can bring your Valheim world up to speed by updating your previously explored biomes to the latest versions. The best part is once you are done; you can get rid of the mod. Anybody can play on the world, they won't need mods.

Now, I understand that some mods can be as complicated as deciphering ancient runes, but fear not dear Viking. Its actually a straight forward process to update your world files with the Upgrade World mod.

First, install all the necessary mods; BepInEx, Upgrade World
Second, make a copy of your valheim world files. This is a precaution in case you don't like the changes.
Third, verify that you have enabled the in-game console in your game installation settings. This varies depending on how you installed valheim
Fourth, Load up the copy of your world and enter "upgrade Mistlands". A bunch of text will show up in the console and then you must type "start" to begin the process.

Thats it! After a few minutes; the game will repopulate the old mistlands biome with new mistlands biome. This process can also be used to upgrade the mountains to include the frost cave; and I'd imagine to update the ashlands as well once those are changed.

If you want to protect your base; just make sure there are workbenches at your bench. Each workbench creates a "safezone" and the mod will ignore that area. Usually.

Why settle for yesterday's biomes when you can have today's?
Have fun and enjoy the video!
-Jack Pitman

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