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How Valheim Seeds Work and 9 Awesome Seeds To Explore

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Today, we'll be talking about how world seeds work in Valheim, and we will share 9 awesome seeds for you to explore.

When you start a new world in Valheim, the game will ask you to enter a seed. Now, you might be wondering what a seed is. A seed is a code that determines what your world will look like. It's like a recipe for generating the world.

Now, the best part about seeds is that they can be shared with other players. That means you can enter the same seed as your friend and explore the same world together. How cool is that?

The seed doesn't just determine what your world looks like, it also determines what kind of creatures and resources you'll find in your world. So, if you're looking for a world with lots of copper or silver, you can choose a seed that's known for having those resources.

On the other hand, if you're feeling adventurous and want to challenge yourself, you can choose a seed that's known for being particularly difficult. You might encounter tougher enemies or limited resources. It's all up to you!

If you've played Valheim for a while and have already explored a few different worlds, you might be thinking, "Hey, why not try a specific seed based on the playstyle I enjoy?" And that's a great idea! If you love building and designing structures, you can choose a seed that has plenty of flat, open space. If you love exploring and discovering new things, you can choose a seed with lots of interesting landmarks and hidden treasures.

So, how do you enter a seed in Valheim? It's easy! When you start a new game, just click on the "Advanced" tab and enter your desired seed in the "Seed" box. Then, click "Start" and voila! Your very own unique world will be generated.

But what if you want to preview a seed before actually starting a game in Valheim? Well, fear not, because there's a tool for that too! It's called, and it allows you to look at a map of any seed in valheim.

With, you can get a sense of what a particular seed looks like, where the resources are located, and even where the bosses are hiding. This tool is especially helpful if you're planning on playing with a group and want to coordinate your exploration and building efforts.

All you have to do is enter the seed you want to preview, and the tool will generate a detailed map for you. You can zoom in and out, toggle different layers on and off, and even search for specific locations or landmarks.

But be warned, my friend, using this tool might spoil some of the surprises and mysteries that make Valheim so fun to explore. So use it wisely, and don't forget to keep some sense of wonder and discovery alive in your gameplay. Luckily, the map loads with all of the details set to off, so you'll have to reveal them by choice.
Here are 9 of my favorite seeds. (All post-mistlands)

gnarl = trader and swamp with iron on starting continent
dog = Perfect starting spawn for a central dock base with mountains and meadows
huge = large starting continent with swamp and trader
light = seed with swamp on starting continent
jiggle = lots of mountains near start
hug = lots of mountains near start
partzer12 = lots of mountains near start
ringoswam = lots of plains close to start (at least as close as the plains can get)
riito = my favorite seed, multiple continents that stretch over half the map

Have fun and enjoy the video!


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