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Mistlands Magic Weapons Showcase

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
Level 55 : Grandmaster Lox
In this tutorial, we'll delve into the magical weapons of valheim. We'll take a quick look at each weapon and learn a bit about each staff while fighting monsters. It's time to unleash your inner sorcerer and show those pesky skeletons who's the real boss.

Staff of Embers

The staff of embers, or the fireball staff, is absolutely the most powerful weapon in the game. Against one enemy; perhaps some other weapons can beat the staff of ember. But against more than one enemy? Nothing comes close! The staff of embers turns your Viking into a rolling fireball of death with many different attack styles. In a panic? Shoot the ground in front of your character, knocking enemies back. Far away? Aim into the clouds and send meteors down upon the unsuspecting enemies. If your lucky, one of them will even get hit!

Staff of Frost

The staff of frost, or the ice shard staff, is used to suppress individual enemies or small groups of enemies. It functions like a machine gun with a large shotgun like spread. The staff of frost is useful when combat happens near buildings or areas you do not want to destroy with fireballs.

Staff of Protection

The staff of protection is incredibly useful for all playstyles. Using the staff once gives you a bubble shield just like the goblin shaman. It essentially doubles or even triples your health. This spell is useful if you like bows, melee, or magic. You just need to use one mana food to be able to use the staff. After casting the bubble you can switch back to your preferred weapons. The drawback of the bubble shield is that it reduces movement speed by 5% much like armor.

Dead Raiser

The dead raiser is necromancy. It allows you to summon up to 2 skeletons to fight by your side. The skeletons will spawn as either a melee or a ranged skeleton. The ranged skeletons are very powerful. You can help them live longer with the staff of protection because the skeletons get the bubble too. Unfortunately, you need to have at least 2 food slots to mana in order to summon skeletons; and realistically the playstyle doesnt work as well unless you use all 3 food slots for mana. This gives you enormous fireball power combined with a shielded skeleton army.

Thats it! There may only be 4 magical weapons now; but soon there will be more. We can already see that another magic staff will be available in the Ashlands! Its going to be great fun to use all of these magical weapons against the stronger monsters found in the Ashlands. I can't wait!

Have fun and enjoy the video!

-Jack Pitman

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