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The Best Weapons in Valheim Mistlands Showcase

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JP Valheim avatar JP Valheim
Level 47 : Master Lox
The cat is out of the bag... Mistlands is out and the weapons in the update are AWESOME. In this video, we will fight 3 goblins with each of the strongest mistlands weapons. This will give us a great comparison!

The weapons we will compare are...Silver Sword... MistWalker... Jotun Bane... Krom... Himmin Afl... Skoll & Hati... Demolisher... and Arbelast! We shall save the magic staffs for another video. Today, we shall focus on melee weapons... much to our goblin friends dismay...

Enjoy the video I had a lot of fun with this one! 

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04/04/2023 9:31 pmhistory
Level 47 : Master Lox
JP Valheim
JP Valheim avatar
Apologies - the silver sword does spirit damage only to undead enemies. So, in the ashands, this video would be accurate... but not in other biomes! The silver sword is only a top-tier weapon against undead


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