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Top 10 Valheim builds in the Valheimians Meadows Contest!

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We hosted our first Valheim community contest where participants had one month to build in the meadows and show off their creativity. Prizes included Steam credit, pixel art trophies for their profile and a friendly competition for glory!

Contest Details : Build Contest in the Meadows of Valheim

#10) "Triquetra Inn and Viking camp" by Eve_Morrigan
#9) "Dragon's End Tavern" by Artyfacts
#8) "Castle Gehenna de Meadows" by OGRelique
#7) "Shamanic Portal Hub tower - No mods/console" by MayaOmkara
#6) "Viking Workshop - Open Concept" by ArchG
#5) "Modern Home in the Meadows (contest entry)" by GH05T
#4) "Chinese architecture - SiHeYuan" by SubzeroNing
#3) "The Karve Bar and Grill. (contest entry)" by Short Rib
#2) "Welcome To Viking Biking!" by Sugaplz
#1) "Altar of an Eldritch deity (contest entry)" by MythicBuilds

See all 28 of the creative entries here!

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for our next contest...

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