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Top 5 Favorite Quality of Life Settings from Valheim Plus

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
Level 55 : Grandmaster Lox
If you've been thinking about trying out Valheim Plus I'd love to give you my feedback to help get you started using it!

Here are my top 5 Favorite quality of life settings from Valheim Plus!

First off, You can disable Portals which is absolutely awesome but I'm not including that cause I know ya'll weirdos love portals !

#1 - Eliminate Tedious Inventory Management
You can increase character weight capacity, increase stack sizes, increase the Megingjord Girdle buff, chest slots, boat slots, and wagon slots. This makes inventory management much more passive. You'll still feel motivated to use Wagons and Boats because of the sheer scale of material they can move. Increasing the Auto Pickup range allows you to have more success picking up items you drop in the water.

; Change false to true to enable this section.enabled = true
; The base amount of carry weight of your character.baseMaximumWeight = 350
; Increase the buff you receive to your carry weight from Megingjord's girdle.baseMegingjordBuff = 250
; Increase auto pickup range of all items.baseAutoPickUpRange = 4

#2 - First Person Mode

Valheim Plus uses BepInEx Pack to allow first person mode via default hotkey F10. I like using 90 degree Field of View.

; Change false to true to enable this section. enabled = true
; Hotkey to enable First Person. hotkey = F10
; Default Field Of View to use. defaultFOV = 90.0

#3 - Increase Exploration Radius and Share It

The exploration radius of the map is very small in regular valheim. In practice this combined with the sheer size of the Valheim Map makes it frustrating to fill the map. I recommend changing the exploration radius to be equal to the distance your character can see. If you see a mountain off in the distance then that mountain should show up on your map off in the distance!

You'll also be able to enable map sharing between concurrent players. This allows you to easily avoid areas already explored by another player.


; Change false to true to enable this section.enabled = true
; With this enabled you will receive the same exploration progression as other players on the server.
; This will also enable the option for the server to sync everyones exploration progression on connecting to the server.shareMapProgression = true
; The radius of the map that you explore when moving.exploreRadius = 200

#4 - Crafting from Chests

This setting is a total gamechanger. Instead of frantically looking for the materials somewhere in your collection the crafting bench will automatically have access to material in nearby chests.

This allows the players to focus on crafting instead of looking around for the material they swear they put somewhere.


; Change false to true to enable this section.
; This feature allows you to craft from nearby chests when in range.enabled = true;
Change false to true to disable this feature when using a Cooking Station.disableCookingStation = false
; If in a workbench area, uses it as reference point when scanning for chests.checkFromWorkbench = true
; This option prevents crafting to pull items from warded areas if the player doesnt have access to it.ignorePrivateAreaCheck = false
; The range of the chest detection in meters.range = 20
; The interval in seconds that the feature scans your nearby chests.
; We recommend not going below 3 seconds.lookupInterval = 3

#5 Automatic Repair

Every time you use the workbench or the forge all of your items will be repaired automatically! This means you only have to visit the bench. If you get distracted and make something and forget to repair... Not to worry, Automatic Repair will save the day !


; If set to true, this option will automatically repair your equipment when you interact with the appropriate workbench.autoRepair = true

I'm working on a longer video that shows all of the Valheim Plus settings in detail. What are your favorite quality of life changes?

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