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Valheim Griefers - What Do Griefers do in Valheim?

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JP Valheim avatar JP Valheim
Level 43 : Master Lox
Griefers, those mischievous troublemakers who find joy in making our virtual lives a living Ragnarök. Luckily, most Valheim players do not have to deal with griefers much. But the griefers are out there nonetheless...

Picture this: You've just built your magnificent fortress, complete with sturdy walls, a cozy hearth, and maybe even a decorative troll head(you are disgusting). Life is good, right? Wrong! Enter the griefer, stage left, with a wicked grin and a sly twinkle in their eye. They'll stop at nothing to steal your precious loot, dismantle your masterpieces, or, worst of all, reset the entire server! It's enough to make Odin himself drop his staff in disbelief.

Our first line of defense is the trusty backup. Yes, backups are the lifeline of every server. They grant you the power to ban the griefer and restore your world to its pre-grief glory. You are like a spider and the griefers are your flies. Oh, how satisfying it is to wield such authority!

Most griefers focus on the center of the world, and usually, they run out of patience if they don't find something to destroy within a few minutes. Their weapon of choice is the simple cheat sledge, which is unfortunately available in Valheim game files so they do not need any hacks to bring it onto your server. A few other griefers go to more extremes. Some griefers will terrain hack your server and bury everything in the ground. Other people will destroy everything and reset all the terrain back to normal.

It's a good thing you'll watch the video and learn all the tricks before they get ya!

Enjoy the video,

- Jack Pitman

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