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Valheim Magic How to Fight With The Staff of Embers

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
Level 56 : Grandmaster Lox
Let me assure you that the Staff of Ember is no ordinary weapon. It's not just a stick with a fancy name, oh no. This thing is like the Chuck Norris of Valheim weaponry. It's so mighty that even Thor himself might get a little jealous.
But let's not get ahead of ourselves. This guide is not about how to get the staff. It is about how to USE the staff to fight stuff in Valheim.


First, let's start with a super basic form of attack. Let's call it "barrage". Aim at the floor near your enemy and throw 2 or 3 fireballs. Try to spread the fireballs in a line to increase the chance they hit the enemy at least once, because the enemy will catch fire. Basically... the first hit does more damage; so its best to use the staff in short bursts. If you use all of your mana you can't throw a defensive fireball and you'll die if you get surrounded.

"Defensive Fireball"
Aim at the ground directly in front of you and throw a fireball. Wait a second or so and throw another fireball. Continue doing this while you have mana. If you time it right; the explosions from the fireballs will have a suppressive effect on the enemies caught in them. Use this when enemies are close to you.

"Backward Mortar"

Aim as far up as you can. Notice where the limit is, where you cannot look backward anymore. If you throw fireballs from this position, the fireballs will land a few yards behind you. With practice, you can use this in combat to create firey death zones and lure the enemies into them as the fireballs land. The backward mortar is easier to pull off than the forward mortar; its a great technique to start practicing with

"Forward Mortar"

Next up, we have the Forward Mortar. By going to backward mortar position but then aiming forward from that position; you will be able to send fireballs far off ahead of you; raining down from the sky like meteors. This attack is insanely strong because it has an incredibly long range. However; it takes practice to learn to aim properly. The forward mortar absolutely wrecks groups of monsters; especially if those monsters haven't seen you yet.

Once you get the hang of aiming the forward mortar attacks; you can unleash a full volley then rush into the fight, as the fireballs destroy enemies that your melee weapons fail to finish off. Its rather fun.

With the Staff of Ember in hand, there's no limit to the havoc you can wreak. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility... or maybe just more opportunities for laughter and chaos. You might consider using mortars to take care of goblin camps from your boat. Who knows how you will use this power...

Have fun and enjoy the video!

- Jack Pitman

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