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What Triggers Raid Events in Valheim?

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JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
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Welcome to the mystical realm of Valheim! The game where you will survive journies through dense forests, treacherous mountains, and haunting swamps... Only to make it home to your base and get killed by a raid event!

In this tutorial, we shall unravel the secrets of raid events, equipping you with the knowledge to face them head-on. From a few harmless boar to goblin packs bred for destruction, we will delve into each event, shedding light on the circumstances required to trigger them. Let's get to it!

Most events can only occur when the player is close to a player base. The game considers a player base to be any location that has at least 3 of any of the following items:

Artisan table, Bed, Black forge, Blast furnace, Bonfire, Campfire, Charcoal kiln, Dragon bed, Eitr refinery, Fermenter, Forge, Galdr table, Hanging brazier, Hearth, Portal, Sconce, Smelter, Spinning wheel, Standing green-burning iron torch, Standing blue-burning iron torch, Standing Brazier, Standing iron torch, Standing wood torch, Stonecutter, Stone Oven, Ward, Windmill, and the Workbench!

If you are near at least 3 of any of these items; then you are eligible for raid events. The game will check for a raid event every 46 minutes. However, raid events will only occur 20% of the time. This means there is usually at least one raid event every 4 hours. If you are particularly unlucky then the most often raid events can occur is once every 46 minutes. However, it's also possible to go 20+ hours without seeing a single event. RNG at its finest.

Now that we understand how often the events can occur; how does the game figure out which event will happen? This is done by keeping track of the player's progress killing certain monsters on the server.

Every boss, and also 3 monsters; have a special variable called a key. The first time that monster is killed on the server the key gets set. So, if you kill the first boss; your server gets a key for the first boss. If you kill a troll; then the server gets a key for the first boss and for the troll. And so on. These keys determine what events you can see. Believe it or not, turning in the boss trophy has nothing to do with this process. The key is saved when the boss or monster dies for the first time on a server, not when the head is turned in.

There are 13 possible events in total. However; the most possible events at any point in the game is 6 events. This is because some events get disabled as you progress through the game.

Check out the video to see the exact circumstances necessary for each event. Its much easier to explain in video than writing everything out here.

Have fun!

- JP Valheim

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