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A Tribute to the Norse Gods

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smurfopax's Avatar smurfopax
Level 43 : Master Ghost
A small tribute to the Viking Gods or Æsir

This one should fit at any place in the mountains were you find a pre-build castle ruin. I kept the size to the flattened patch of land where you can find the Ruins. The Stairs in Front go down quite steep so it should also fit on cliff if it's not going down to far.


I tried to place every Furthak Rune i could find associated to a god, also added some symbols for the associated god if i could find anything. Guess i failed to let the building look like howling Wolf, but decide for yourself.

Visible from the Stairs are:
DÆG (Baldr), ÞURS (Thor), BJARKAN (Frigga), Odal (Odin), Yngvi (Freyr), REIĐ (Forseti), TÝR (Tyr) and in the middle a Mjölnir with a written name above it in Furthak
Inside the Temple you see:
ÚR (Ullr), MAĐR (Heimdallr), FÉ (Freya), a Pices symbol (Njörðr) and a Valknut in the front.

Included 2 sacrificial altars and 2 hidden smelters in the back of the Groundfloor before i run out of ideas what to put into it. On the 1st Floor you will find a small Workshop for the Priests and on the 2nd a Restroom.

The Roof doesn't look as nice as i would like it from the inside, but it will do its job i guess.


Edit: Ups, looked like i didn't put in the Walls on the right side on the Groundfloor :) you can use my design from the left side or just put another design in there :)
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03/05/2023 1:33 am
Level 1 : New Shield Maiden
Huels's Avatar
Simply amazing.
05/03/2021 2:57 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Builder
ArchG's Avatar
Love the roof design and decorations. Good job, my man!


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