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Castle kit - part 1. Stone Walls and square towers.

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PUP's Avatar PUP
Level 46 : Master Troll
Hi guys) I present you a set of ready-made sections for building a castle - part 1.
This set includes stone walls and medium square towers, as well as tower roofs and a mill)
To be continued...

The video contains instructions on how to place building elements using anchor points

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and write in the comments which sections you would like to see in the castle kit - I plan to make many sections)
Progress100% complete

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05/16/2024 5:21 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Raven
MutantArtCat's Avatar
Oh I like this, I have something similar but way smaller going on with my storage. I remember talking to Jules from PlanBuild about this, there was a dungeon kit like this uploaded to Nexus(?) IIRC in the past. Never went and did anything with the idea besides the storage though, totally not the story of my life :v Nice to see others working on cool stuff like this.
05/16/2024 6:07 am
Level 47 : Master Troll
PUP's Avatar
Thanks =)


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