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Castle/Tavern design examples. Late game resources

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Sven of Undenfell's Avatar Sven of Undenfell
Level 25 : Expert Viking
These are photo's from work I did over the last 12 months.
The majority of the work being my first attempt at building something decent instead of a 'quick, lets get it done an move on' approach.
The first lot of photos are from a server where we have free access to resources but no creative build/dev commands or mods. Was a lot of work but unfortunately, I am unable to gain access to the (no deceased) game file so I could utilize 'plan build' to save and share my work.
The second lot is the same materials access as the first lot. The build is a copy of a well known 'Youtuber' who I am very grateful of for giving myself the vision to expand on. The structure is the same while I have added all of the interior design works.
The third lot of photo's is from my own private server using creative mode. The building is very basic as I was more focused on interior design where Mistlands resources were used. I can provide a blueprint if requested.

Hopefully these photo's help people with idea's to improve on their own projects.
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Level 21 : Expert Viking
06/16/2023 10:24 am

Viking_Anarchist's Avatar
Hey, Sven. I really dig the lighting in your bar area. Also, the use of the crows on the bed is really sharp. Nice work.
Sven of Undenfell
Level 25 : Expert Viking
06/17/2023 9:29 pm

Sven of Undenfell's Avatar
It was a great period when I was working on those builds. Hoping to get back into that groove in due time.
I used crypt keys mounted on item stands. It needed a few attempts to get the lighting just right as its was easy to go too high or too low. The 'abomination chandelier' has a few yellow mushrooms in it but it has been 'drowned out' by the brazier. I also tried crypt keys for the chandelier but didn't work. The goblin totems are also a good form of light but didn't really explore it at that stage.
The bedhead worked really well with all the other surrounding items. The red carpet, the bed and the personal chest, all 'lift' the bedhead.



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