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Level 12 : Journeyman Explorer
dandonum (??? fort, I lost the origin lol) is designed as a late-game plains base that's actually mostly in meadows and also right next to a swamp with plenty of crypts and geysers. it was originally one large room (28m x 35m) with a lofted ceiling (between 10m and 14m high) and small second story balconies at the front, and a sculptural tower in the southeast corner. I eventually walled off the corner beneath the tower as a bedroom. it has a small dock leading to a front garden, and a lowered entry platform (shoes off please). in the back (where the biome actually becomes plains) is a small porch leading down to a walled barley garden with a windmill.

the roof is vented to allow fires inside without needing any kind of chimney, and spans the space in 2 large ridges and 1 smaller one, reinforced by the taller stone wall at the back and two stone pillars toward the front. core wood support beams run across the roof at the apex of each large ridge, with wood iron beams in the center. most of the construction time was keeping the roof on without internal beams!
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