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Dverger Tower Portal Hub

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MrBungles's Avatar MrBungles
Level 7 : Apprentice Viking
Converted a Dverger Tower into around a 20 portal hub. Max 18 Comfort on main level. No beds ( well one hidden to get comfort 18) Portals are named and most are edited for target locations... you will have to reset the signs and portal target ID 's . Just made a copy of it, didnt prep it for clean re-use. Easy to change the signs and target ID of your choice, and they wont all be active with name tags as they would be if all "unconnected" and would all be active because of that. Adapt to your liking ! and Enjoy ! Noob at doing the blueprints etc .

No Mods used in creation just Dev free build ( all vanilla items )
However active mods during creation and always used during gameplay are:
Infinity Hammer
Ifinity tools
Configuration Manager
World Edit
Cross Server Portals
Craft from Containers
Teleport Everything
Torches Eternal
Equipment and Quickslots
Progress100% complete

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05/04/2024 12:35 pm
Level 1 : New Builder
Ashenshugar's Avatar
Couldn't get this blueprint to show up in PlanBuild v0.15.0
05/11/2024 12:13 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Viking
MrBungles's Avatar
Try with just infinity hammer . I don’t use the mod plan build to create or place blueprints . Just have to use IH and console command … hammer_blueprint filename it then is in your hammer ready for placement. Use offsets to adjust height , depth etc 😉