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Haunted Victorian mansion, and mysterious clock

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SorchaAzura avatar SorchaAzura
Level 39 : Artisan Fenring
Happy Halloween!
This is my first attempt to tell a story with a build.

What happened to the Black Forest witches?
What door did they open?
Will I survive?

The Mystery remains...
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11/15/2021 7:12 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Viking
MayaOmkara avatar
Best build presentation I've seen. I normally don't watch 10min build presentation videos, but I enjoyed every minute. The clock at the end was amazing.
10/31/2021 2:45 pmhistory
Level 40 : Master Builder
MythicBuilds avatar
1 - Some of the dialogue and the "happy Halloween" sign kind of break my immersion a bit.
2 - After you get ported to the clock you should've switched to a more powerful and dread inducing music track.

If not for those 2 nitpicks, your build would've been within striking distance of perfection!
  • The concept idea was great, the outside of the build was solid.
  • The goblins stuck between the walls were bizarre in a good way.
  • The labyrinth was giving a sense of claustrophobia and the feeling that I was about to get jumpscared (but didn't), that's great for your theme.
  • You even made a nice little story for us and that's always a good thing.
  • The clock was beautifully done and awe-inspiring, making for a very surreal scene.
  • Really liked the ending! A more fitting track would've made that scene absolute brilliance!

Overall, I think this is my favorite build in the contest. Great stuff!
10/31/2021 6:44 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Fenring
SorchaAzura avatar
Thank you very much :)
I wanted to do more with the music, but I just ran out of time. I'm going to try to get a head start on the next biome build, so I don't wind up panic building lol


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