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Hjalkir - Seat of the Jarl

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TkMoney's Avatar TkMoney
Level 6 : Apprentice Viking
Hjalkir is a base I spent many months and many fall deaths building on my own in this fantastic game. I stopped playing after completing all the content on this save, but I always wanted to share it outside of my group so that others could appreciate it.

At the base of a small mountain, this fortified hillside abode can repel all but the most aggressive of troll attacks. Fully stocked with provisions and guarded by a loyal pack of wolves bread at an outpost on the mountain above. Sail southwest from spawn and dock at Hjalport before continuing south to Hjalkir

I have a toaster, so I get pretty horrendous FPS at the main site (sub 12 on average). I didn't use any mods to build this (So much stone grinding....), so it shouldn't collapse on you or anything like that. Frankly, I don't know how it's standing. I never really understood the build height system so most of it is trial and error with reinforced beams and earth.

My world file was larger than the 15MB limit on the site, so I just uploaded it to google drive for yall.
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