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Honeycomb Blossom Bee Farm

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Level 13 : Journeyman Viking
This blueprint was created by following the tutorial from the linked YouTube video (Note - I am not the video creator).

The bees are happy for all hives when I constructed it but it's possible that they might not be happy if the structure is created based on a blueprint.

To minimize the chance of this, the structure should be orientated properly before placing the blueprint.

There are 5 vertical log poles (4m height) at the base of the structure - 4 near the center and 1 just outside the outer edge of the circle. In the screenshots, this pole is to the left of the ladder.

Take note of this 5th pole at the edge of the circle - it has a 1m horizontal beam coming from the top pointing towards the middle of the circle (but not the exact center). This 1m beam is visible in the overhead screenshot at about the 9 o'clock position.

For the highest chance of the bees being happy in all hives, this 1m beam should point either to the north, south, east, or west (the video explains why in more detail). The blueprint is based on a bee farm I constructed with the beam pointing to the south from the log pole (if the log pole were at the center of a circle, the beam would be pointing south).

After you've constructed the hive and verified all bees are happy, you can safely remove the 5th pole and 1m beam.

Elevation might also matter for the bees being happy, so take advantage of the 4m log poles to construct it higher above the ground.
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