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Japanese to Viking Home ;3

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Nolian Milovnik's Avatar Nolian Milovnik
Level 40 : Master Builder
A recent addition to my collection of builds, my my how I adore converting Japanese builds now :3

Come on down and relax in your "small" yet luxury like home down near the sea, oh how relaxed you'll feel after stepping out onto your ledge, oh how comfy that bed shall be after a long and hard day at "work" (Hunting down animals, slapping goblins and squashing deathsquitos) -

Come come, just relax, you'll feel well rested here with a comfort of 11 - 13 ;3

In addition, some lovely indoor decorations :3
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Level 36 : Artisan Viking
03/25/2021 9:11 pm

Cyprezz's Avatar
So warm and cozy. Nice attention to detail. Think I'll brew a good miso soup.
Nolian Milovnik
Level 40 : Master Builder
03/25/2021 11:17 pm

Nolian Milovnik's Avatar
How divine, miso soup would indeed be fitting.. and tasty.


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