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The Raspberry Cabin

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HiccupTheHermit's Avatar HiccupTheHermit
Level 45 : Master Fellow
Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by to check out the build!

One of my Coziest builds so far! The Raspberry cabin is an awesome example of how great Wood Beams can be early game. I love this little house; I hope you do too!

Let me know what you think! Hope you enjoy the build!

Be sure to let me know if the Download or Blueprint is not working and I'll get around to refreshing it!

Also, check me out on Youtube! I'd really appreciate the views and a like!
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01/31/2023 9:30 am
Level 1 : New Viking
boomshanka's Avatar
Hey! Your builds, including this one, are beautiful! I'd love to import them into the world my friends and I are exploring, for them to stumble upon eventually. But many of your structures were clearly built on uneven terrain and the blueprints were exported without terrain markers (possibly before BuildShare had terrain features). So they can't really be placed anywhere because parts of them either fall apart or are buried underground. Do you have any plan to re-export any of these with terrain height info? They look so cool!
02/01/2023 9:42 am
Level 45 : Master Fellow
HiccupTheHermit's Avatar
You're right! A lot of them are on uneven ground!
I will try to find time to re-capture and re-upload these for easier placement!
Thanks for letting me know. It may take a little bit, but I'll find the time to make this happen!


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