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TORPHEIM (contest entry)

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TinEastwood avatar TinEastwood
Level 4 : Apprentice Viking
For many years Torpheim was a small fishing and farming settlement.
When Black Metal and Silver became the new hot martriale in the land, King Igor decided to build a outpost in Torpheim.

Now Torpheim became the place where all Vikings could come and trade. A safe place where they could store materials before they were sent to the east.

But one dark and foggy night, the village was attacked by Draugr forces, so that everyone had to flee behind the walls of Torpheim.

Torpheim was now under siege.

......The real story - It should just have been a small portal hup.

After killing Moder, I decided to explore the surroundings, and came to a Draugr spawn. My first Draugr farm did fail and at some point I would try to make a new one. But I got caught up in the atmosphere and kept on adding new buildings.

Inspiration comes from the movie - the 13th warrior from 1999 and a printrest picture. Was trying to use the same build style as Draugr use in Valheim. Adding more details to the kings buildings in the outpost.

Torp ^ þorp = village, small settlement. Torp (Denmark), Thorpe (Yorks), Danethorpe (Notts), Le Torps (Eure)

This is a world download - to the east of the spawn, there is a portal to Torpheim. Or you can go to my main base at the water(east) and take the portal to base 5.
Progress100% complete

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06/27/2021 3:38 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Builder
MissYee avatar
Loved reading the lore.

Great use of Draugr dummies!
06/27/2021 8:47 amhistory
Level 4 : Apprentice Viking
TinEastwood avatar
Thanks - The TrainingDummy´s give some life to your city - just sad you can´t turn and add item stand´s to them.

In my original build, I use target dummy´s from the TargetPractice mode:
06/19/2021 7:14 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Raspberry
GBG_GameCast avatar
Such a nice little town here 😁


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