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Valheim How to build a lighthouse and dock - Tree Base Addon

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The lighthouse and docks area are meant to be an addon for the base so this will work with any body of water. In this guide I'm going to show you how to build high in Valheim using iron wood poles and keep the structure stable. I'm also going to show you how to make to twisty looking designs that's commonly used in structures using angled wood poles.

This video is part of the tree base series videos here.
Part 1 - Tree Base Bedroom and Workshop
Part 2 - Tree Base Great Hall and Panaroma Room

This is part 3 of the tree house base build. In this video we'll be covering the
- The Lighthouse
- The Docks

This is not an easy build, and since Valheim procedurally generates terrain we may or may not have the same look. The video comes with blueprints to help you get as close as possible.

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Title: Valheim How to build a lighthouse and dock - Tree Base Addon
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