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MythicBuilds submission Altar of an Eldritch Deity won the judges over in's first ever Build Contest, In the Meadows of Valheim! They had a perfect score across the board: Concept & Originality, Technique & Execution, and Presentation. One of the judges notes that their presentation stood out specifically because it was the only video presentation that told a lore from first person narration. Between the voice acting, the music that was chosen and the angels and cut scenes of the video, the video presentation was an immersive experience.

The build itself is something between a sci-fi alien creation and a viking god shrine. With wooden tentacle-like appendages weaving in and out of the land and a rib cage like design, it makes you feel as if you'll be swallowed by the structure upon entering - it truly feels alive! Small details like the swirled stone path and dragon egg as the pupil of the eye added to the mystery and awe. Mythic also thought to make this build as stunning at night as it is in the daytime, using various light sources.

We hope you enjoy reading our interview with them and gain some inspiration for your future builds!

Where did your inspiration come from while building the Altar of an Eldritch deity?

I had a vision! Literally. I often enjoy making up different scenarios about different things, and I once envisioned (complete with mental audio) an idea about this very ambitious Valheim video series, where a prominent Viking explorer (the narrator) lost his mind after discovering an increasingly disturbing series of otherworldly, mind-bending builds that hint to the existence of ancient, horrifying entities. The video for the contest was simply the trailer of the first episode.

Valheimians Interviews MythicBuilds

Share your creative process with us! (Did you draw your vision first, or dive right in, etc?)

Once I was determined to go through with the idea, I dove right in, having a general idea of what I wanted in mind (and a very VERY rough 15-second sketch). I enjoy building without a concrete plan and coming up with things on the fly.

Approximately how long did it take you to build?

So....I was messing around the Meadows with different concepts and ideas for about a week and a half, until I finally decided to go through with this one. After that, I finished the build and the video within 2 weeks, don't know exactly how many hours it took.

What challenges/obstacles did you face while building?

At some point, after I finished the left side of the main figure's body and it was time to do the right side, I realized I kinda sorta forgot how to go about it and had to reverse engineer the methods I used for the left side in order to have a more clean, symmetrical result. That, and also the circles and lines inside the big eye that I made out of item stands really tested my patience as a builder.

Valheimians Interviews MythicBuilds

One of the things that stood out about your entry was your video. It wasn’t your typical walk through with music. You went beyond that and created a lore, which you voiced in first person. What made you decide to create your video in this fashion?

As I stated above, this was to be part of an ambitious video series that I'll probably never finish XD. I enjoy coming up with lore and stories about fantastical worlds, but I rarely go through with it. I feel like the more times I actually decide to "go for it", the more confidence I will have to do it again. It's therapeutic. This is also the first time I tried to do Voice acting.

What is your favorite part about your submission?

Hard to say. Maybe it's the intricately made back of the main body, maybe it's the main eye, and how the green of the torches inside the body permeates through it if you get close enough. Nay! I think to me it's the way that the entire thing (build, narration, music) fits so well together (at least imo).

Is there anything you would change about your submission?

If I went back in time I'd probably make the cinematography a bit better, more organized, more consistent and solid camera movements etc. Also, perhaps a couple different takes for my voice (You can hear a little bit of background noise at times)

When did you start playing Valheim?

Somewhere in early February, not sure exactly when.

How many hours have you put into the game?

As of now: 448 hours.

What are you hoping for in the next update?

Apart from the new roofs they showcased...hmm...let's see...
  • 74-degree roofs and wood beams
  • 1-meter long diagonal wood beams
  • diagonal iron-wood beams
  • Larger text signs
  • More options for stone pieces
  • Atleast one decent light source that doesn't require resources to maintain (maybe a magic light crystal)
  • Armor dyes
  • Something I can waste my insane amount of surtling cores and skeleton bones on

It probably won't even have half of those but hey, a man can dream :D

Aside from creating videos for your Valheim builds, do you have any video editing experience?

Nope, not really. I downloaded DaVinci Resolve when I started my Youtube channel.

Who, in the Valheim Community, inspires you?

Nobody in particular. But once every now and then I might see a neat trick or a clever idea which I may later incorporate into my builds, or do my own version of it. Collecting and adapting knowledge. That being said, when I first began playing in creative, I stumbled upon a few videos of a certain builder, whose impeccable technique and creative use of the build pieces truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of the system, and for the first time, inspired me to think outside the wooden box, strive for awesomeness, and perhaps one day...surpass him. His name is GH05T.

What other games do you play? Do you prefer PC or Console?

PC master race! Currently I only play Valheim and a bit of Witcher 3, but I generally like all kinds of fantasy games. Some games I've been playing relatively recently (not necessarily finished) include: Divinity Original Sin 2, Path of Exile, Divine Divinity (nostalgia overload) and Gwent.

Do you have any other hobbies aside from playing video games?

Currently my main hobbies include watching videos on Youtube and desperately searching for a job. I'm also a very disgruntled Fine Artist who's trying to get his painting/drawing groove back. Here's my shameless plug of a website in case you're interested in my art or just art in general:

IMG_20200131_173516 (2).jpg

We noticed in your art, and in your build, you create eyes. There's even an eye in your avatar. Can you explain?
Indeed I do. I'm not quite sure where my obsession with eyes started. Maybe it was when I was a kid, reading about ancient Egypt. Or maybe it were certain anime series that I used to watch...or something else, more profound and shrouded in forgetfulness.

I ended up adopting the eyes and including them in most of my work subconsciously, to the point that it kind-of became my signature. As for what it symbolizes...well, that depends on the work they're part of.

You say Lovecraft has influenced your work both in Valhiem and IRL. Can you elaborate on how Lovecraft has influenced you IRL?

Mostly through some of my work as a painter/printmaker (see link above).

Any hints on what we can expect from you in the future (any big builds planned?)

I currently have a few unfinished builds and even more ideas I want to do, my main issue is time. However...the thing is... I wish I could tell you I'll keep pushing my limits and fill the site with complex builds and makeover videos, I wish I could tell you that we're approaching an epic (dare I say MYTHIC ) era of Valheim building. However, after some difficult, personal, real life issues that came up recently, my building and video uploading will, at best, slow down to a glacial pace...

...Much like the Valheim developers.

Do you have any suggestions for the Valheimian website? Any feature suggestions or general site improvements? Contest ideas?

A minor one for the site: right now notifications only pop up after reloading, and so do experience changes. I have no idea how easy or hard it is to fix that though. Other than that, there seem to be very few of us, so promoting the site as hard as you can I guess, though I'm not much of an expert at that.

As for contest ideas: May I suggest a pvp arena tournament? Perhaps with teams of 2 or 3 people. Maybe even cast it on discord if that's a possibility. Something like that will definitely bring the community even closer, potentially bring more fame to the site and give non-builders something exciting to do. "Forge tight bonds and recruit your comrades! Come up with a team name, and fight for fame and glory in 2v2/3v3 battles at the arena!" Or something along those lines.

I also have a couple of suggestions about "recruiting" judges that we could discuss in more detail.

Anything you’d like to add?

I'm glad you asked. Despite my life switching abruptly from Pokemon to Dark souls levels of difficulty, I have not given up on my Youtube channel. My goal was to reach a point where I can monetize my channel and fuel my passion for building, and in order to do that I need a minimum of 1000 subs. So here you go, check out my Valheim content, and if you like it subscribe! (or subscribe regardless, that works too XD)

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