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Ancient Japanese Blacksmith

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Nolian Milovnik's Avatar Nolian Milovnik
Level 40 : Master Builder
Sharpen thy blade and reinforce thy shield -

Look what's arrived in town- a new blacksmith along with a fully stocked arsenal of both weaponry and shielding, who is this mysterious blacksmith and where did they come from in such short time? such a mystery.

May the art of the Japanese and Viking become one and assist all those who cannot protect themselves.

Do one of two things;
1 - Fly and import the build
2 - Raise Y level 15/20
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Nolian Milovnik 03/31/2021 4:48:32 pmMar 31st, 2021

- Added Build File for those who want to use the build - Ancient Blacksmith

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