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MutantArtCat's Avatar MutantArtCat
Level 55 : Grandmaster Raven
I do not like building with stone, but we needed an arena and I surprised myself with this build. It is a bit uneven, but due to a bug, half of it collapsed and I had to copy+paste parts with PlanBuild.
Blueprint only. Screenshot made with HD Overhaul.
Progress100% complete

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JP Valheim
03/25/2023 10:26 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Lox
JP Valheim's Avatar
Hello MutantArtCat!

I recently used this build you made (and others you made) on a dedicated valheim server. Your structure is the container of one of the challenges, a fight with a bunch of trolls and greydwarf. I had to destroy it a bit to free up resources but thought you'd like to know!

The server is basically an "instance" for valheim players who want to try using the end-game magic. You are given everything you need and a path to follow, there are a series of 11 trials to overcome. All you have to do is blast a lot of fireballs and do your best to stay alive.

If you would like to explore the server, you can find it at IP the password is password
07/08/2023 7:07 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Raven
MutantArtCat's Avatar
Late train, but I remember seeing this notification when I was totally not busy with Valheim. This is awesome to read, thank you so much! I've built instances too, so I'm glad to see people can use my creations for that!


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