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Black marble portal hub with a hint of ashlands. Modded but vanilla friendly.

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IMPORTANT: Atm I'm experiencing some issues with PB, direct build is not an issue, but planned blueprints will collapse. This is happening to old and new ones, so I guess it's some ashland's stuff that needs to be fixed, so until then, direct build this only.

Wanted to keep it ashlands free, but I really needed that piece, I've been wanting it for years, so I caved.

Mods used: PlanBuild (not just for the blueprint but also for construction), More Vanilla Building Pieces, Gizmo, Infinity Hammer and a personal mod that allows me to place things inside each other. Everything in this is vanilla friendly.

The torches on the roof should be fuel proof. Unfortunately the braziers inside are not (wouldn't give rest bonus if I used those), so if you are not using a fuel mod, you will need to break down shit to put fuel on the fire. The braziers outside should be fine.

Since the plans don't work I don't really know the amount of stuff that is needed but I can imagine it is an awful lot, if anyone gets to plan this and build this in survival, lmk how painful it was :D

Also: HI! I'M BACK!

Add: Nvm that survival build, I just opened the blueprint in Notepad. Good luck with that one!

Also no BS file because I honestly haven't touched it in a while. I might check if it still functions if I can remember to do it.
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