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Lin's Fancy mountain house with underground workshop vbuild

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Lin's Avatar Lin
Level 41 : Master Warrior
Hello Warriors and Shield maidens.

Gorgeous fancy mountain villa that we build together in our mountain biome during our survival game.
The sconces will be destroyed a lot of times by the drakes flying around, but the roof was always holding solid.

We spawned in the build materials, but it's very doable to farm this.
Hope you like it!

There's a 4m corewood beam inside where I was standing when I saved this build for you so you can determine the center easier.
It has a cellar, so you have to dig it out. (2 tiles deep)

Till we meet again.
-ᛚ ᛁ ᚾ-
Progress100% complete

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06/03/2021 4:37 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Builder
ArchG's Avatar
This is beautiful, considering it's done in the survival gameplay.
Thumbs up!
06/04/2021 4:34 am
Level 41 : Master Warrior
Lin's Avatar
Hey ArchG, thank you <3
Yeah this was in survival, no god mode. We did spawn in most of these materials though.
We were a little burned out from farming endless wood and rock and just wanted a day of chilling and build.
I had been talking how I still wanted to build a fancy Mountain villa.. So Raph said ; you know what, let's build you a fancy mountainhouse.
And so we did. Worked for 3 hours in silence. Just building the same house as if we both had the same blueprint in our mind. We didn't speak a word on what it had to look like, or what the other was doing and it came out perfect.
Yeah... special build.


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