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FPS-optimized cozy house for low PCs. Essentials up to the mid-game included

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Luxfen's Avatar Luxfen
Level 19 : Journeyman Builder
Comfort level: 16
Workbench/cauldron/forge level: max
Chest space: a lot
Average FPS: 68-70 (on my PC with 75 maximum)


I have frequently encountered a problem where even medium-sized buildings cause FPS drops, making it uncomfortable to play the game with medium/high graphics settings. Additionally, there's another issue. Building a small house means that, over time, it will need to be reconstructed to accommodate everything you need. Conversely, constructing a large house results in it standing half-empty for a prolonged period, causing a significant level of discomfort. The concept behind this house was to minimize FPS load as much as possible while fitting everything necessary for the early to late-mid game within a compact space of a few meters. I believe I have achieved my goal. Almost everything required for the early and middle stages of the game fits into a small area. The workbench, forge, and cauldron are all upgraded to the maximum level, yet almost all the upgrades that enhance this level have been relocated to the attic to avoid clutter (thanks to the "Better Creative" mod allowing them to be placed closely together), along with most comfort items. The comfort level in the house is 16 (near maximum), but most of the furniture is outside the living area. There are no stairs to the attic since there is no need to go up there. The house is not overloaded with unnecessary details. I aimed to prevent it from looking too primitive and ugly, so I added some vegetation as decoration. However, it still occasionally causes minor FPS drops, but only a maximum of 5-7 FPS (as measured using FRAPS), which I consider a good result in balancing performance and the house's attractiveness. Of course, it could be much more beautiful, but then the FPS would drop significantly more
Progress100% complete

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