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Level 54 : Grandmaster Raven
Kjúklingur means chicken in Islanski, this is a build on an island filled with chickens. Because it is an island build, I'm not sure how well it will hold together on other terrain, I tried to even out the foundation at the lower point of the stairs of the front door, tested it and then nothing should fall apart.

The glass windows from the portal house are a mod, MoreGates, but I removed all modded items in the blueprint and replaced the windows with crystal. The white text on the sign is a mod too, ColorfulSigns. The build still contains modded placement though.

The build has fully upgraded workstations, but no interior design whatsoever. And at the moment of screenshotting, I realised an oven was missing, so you might want to find a spot for that yourself.

I was struggling a lot trying to start this build, wanted to do an island build, but I tried to copy ideas from other people and it was not working at all, after deleting 5 builds, I forced myself to start with something that is me and that is a longhouse. After building the basic longhouse, the rest started to shape itself.
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